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* Ce Vidéo a été créé en 2015 - Ne pas tenir compte du texte à la fin avant la Nomination

Corey, the one who was able to help and who made it possible to attribute and contribute to humanity and millions of people around the world!


Pay attention that Actor Corey Haim will receive his "STAR" Walk of Fame someday.

For all the love you still have for him, we want actor Corey Haim to one day get his Walk of Fame "Star" in Canada as well as in Hollywood, which he deserves.


Corey Haim tragically passed away in March 2010 at the age of 38. He was a soul who knew how to give Light and Love in his true Being, and many think that he will have, that in the moment will come, obtain this "Star" for what he has done throughout his life.

Corey knew how to bring his contribution to millions of people in the world, as well as accomplishing an extraordinary work of collective aid to humanity, and especially, with teenagers (in the '80s). So out of the utmost respect for him, his mother and family, please do not harm this cause at this time, and when the time comes, you will be notified via the official website.

He deserves this "Star", we all know that, and that he left us, will never be as if he never existed. Tell yourself that he is still with us, he just crossed over and we are going to honor him that day.

The logos below direct you to the official Nominations page, but there is no point in getting started on these pages. Read the Nominations page on this site to be informed how it works and wait for the news to be posted.

Thank you all for your understanding!


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