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Corey Haim and Corey Feldman give deep, personal access to their friendship story like never before, giving the series a rare honesty and directness. Throughout the series, Feldman and Haim attempt various tasks to resuscitate their relationship. Like a couple that has separated, they will have to return to their roots to rediscover the bond that once made them closer than brothers, relearn how to trust each other, and ultimately find common ground in the present. Along the way, the two Coreys will deal with very real issues (including their reunion on The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe), go to therapy sessions together, reveal their demons, and confront their historical pasts.



Corey Haim returns to Los Angeles and is ready to get his career and his friendship with Corey Feldman back on track. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman's first meeting since their spinoff continues to erupt at the restaurant, and topics and personal stories that were never made public flare up. In the 11th hour, Corey Haim wonders if he's going to do Lost Boys 2, which leads to an argument with Feldman – who helped Haim get the part in the first place.


Corey Haim decides he wants to fix everything he's done wrong in the past and posts an apology ad in Daily Variety magazine. As Valentine's Day approaches, Corey Haim realizes how lonely he is and tries to find a date. Meanwhile, Corey Feldman cooks up the biggest Valentine's Day surprise for his beautiful wife Suzie.


Susie and Corey Feldman go to the Playboy Mansion and Hugh Hefner asks Susie to do a broadcast for Playboy. In therapy, the two Coreys talk about ways to rebuild their friendship. Afterwards, Feldman asks Haim out. Corey Feldman swears that until Corey Haim comes clean, he and Susie want nothing to do with him. Dr. Nicki urges the two Coreys to meet one last time so they can have some real closure. She confronts Haim about his sobriety and Haim flees again.

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