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About Me

Webmaster of the Canadian site devoted to Corey Haim since 2008, my name is Caroline Lagacé, I am 46 years old (2023) and I live in Shawinigan, Quebec.

​I can not stop myself to say, that Corey Haim, was the one I admired since my childhood, from the age of 9 in the movie Lucas.

I adored his personality, his wisdom, his creativity and his courage in everyday life, and unfortunately, I never had the chance to see him during his lifetime. But, honestly, I admired the person he was...just himself.

In 2008, I decided to create this site for fans to support him and show my love for him. That the creation of a site for fans in French, gave the chance to a wider audience to know the actor Corey Haim.

My purpose of this site, was only to support the artist he was and that so many people loved. He knew how to undertake a lot of things in his life as well as helping millions of people around the world.

Although he lies in a peaceful sleep now, his memory will always be kept in our hearts. His memory is still so tender, passionate and true after all these years.

​Nevertheless, since he's not there to comfort us with his love, he was the one no one could help but love, and a heart that was purer than gold, his memory will always be with us.

His voice will always be there, in us and we must learn delicacy, courage, dignity. To profess love, fraternity, self-sacrifice. Such is of him, in a few words, the image that will remain with us. If today, we cry a little, excuse us, we know that he preferred simplicity, even in emotion, we will quickly try to recover and behave as he would have liked.

What can words say this inexpressible sadness?'s mission has always been to provide its fans with a place where they can connect and stay up to date with all the Corey news. Now, the site will serve as a place to gather in his memory.

On this website, you will find everything you need to know about Corey, including the latest updates as well as the following from his Official Website.

Never forget him, not just as an Actor, but the Being he was in his LIFE...that of COREY HAIM simply himself.

Thank you to the FANS who are always present and come to this Site.

 Enjoy your visit !

May God Bless his Soul and Rest in Peace...

Caroline Lagacé [ Webmaster ]

caro 2023

Now I'm going to share with you below, a message from Corey that an elderly friend in France sent me in 2011. I can't tell you if all that was said is actually what Corey went through, since I have never seen or known it in life, but this woman did not know the word Shalom and it was when I saw this word that I believed it. Only those who knew him personally, will be able to know with these dictated words, if this message really comes from him. So please read with discernment about this text.

Message from 2011 - Corey Haim

As a child, I composed nursery rhymes and songs.
Later texts and exquisite novels.

Bring colors and words to life
and thus help millions of people.

Cinema a tool of revolution.
The vision translated from the writings is magic.

This magic I have lived, and this allowed me to bring
my contribution to millions of people around the world.

Why I died, I don't understand.

I still have so much to say
and to do hence my misunderstanding.

My heart felt the light.
I perceived my departure differently.

I was able to consider leaving this world and going through the tunnel whose light I saw.

Going to the other side was

my only way out and I knew it.


And know that ... I am here!


Corey Haim
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