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Want to buy art posters and greeting cards of COREY's works? It's now possible at Fine Art America !

Want to see more COREY artwork?

Check it out in his gallery or in the shop created here, but nothing can be purchased through this site, so by clicking one of the items, you will be redirected to the site for purchase!

When COREY wasn't busy filming, one of the things he loved the most was painting! Already an accomplished artist, COREY currently has seven of his works on display in museums in Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. In fact, he sold one of his paintings in Bruges, Belgium for $7,400!

Much like COREY's favorite painter, Pablo Picasso, his style is very unique. Using a thick texture of acrylic paints on canvas and his gift for intuition, COREY was able to create an abstract visual that was very pleasing to the eye!

corey haim
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