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The Two Corey's was a Reality Series broadcast on A&E TV.


The Series begins with Corey Haim, single and unemployed who moves in with Corey Feldman, and...became a responsible adult of his own life. And Feldman's wife, Susie Sprague (previously married to celebrity MC Hammer in 2002's Surreal Life Episode).


The trio mimics the style of the movie You, Me and Dupree. Although they are credited, the actors play characters meant to represent their real selves. Haim and Feldman were the producers on the program.


The Series was recorded near Vancouver, British Columbia, and its production was partly covered by Canadian grants.

RDF USA Vice President Greg Goldman says Corey Feldman and Corey Haim have been friends on and off screen for many years, the chemistry between the two shows right off screen.


He explained : "Everyone feels like they know these Coreys."

On the Tom Green Live show, Corey Feldman said that the house where they were staying in the filming of The Two Coreys, was a rental, but they ended up staying there.

The Series began around December 4, 2006 and premiered on A&E TV on July 29, 2007.


The Series was canceled before the end of the second season.


The final episode aired August 17, 2008.

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