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Nominate someone to the Hollywood or Canada Walk Of Fame

You can, by accessing these official sites, nominate Corey Haim. But there is no point in trying to do it over and over. Once on each of them per person is enough for now.

I ask fans to sign any petition that will be suggested to you. The best thing to do is wait for Corey's official website ( to announce a petition or announce the right time and day when Corey will be Nominated.

* As for the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME STAR for Corey Haim, there is no point in going to the site and submitting your Nomination since it is not possible to obtain a letter of agreement from him. Wait until that day is announced, and you can help his mother get the $75,000 for the STAR in Hollywood, which you can read in the description below!


Because, Fans take the initiative to make petitions without authorization and without knowing what is going on, and that at the moment, it is absolutely useless.

I put you the video that a friend of Corey's mother made to explain what is happening as well as a summary of the video. I invite you to share it, so that as many people as possible can be informed and that some end up stopping caring about what doesn't concern them!


- Video Transcript -

Here is a brief explanation of what is said of a friend of Corey's mother in this video:

Please share it, you know it doesn't have to be now just for people to see it sometime.

This post is regarding a petition started for Corey Haim to get his star and wouldn't you know the same person, who they specifically asked not to do it again, the same person they told directly that the star wouldn't happen right now.

And that these petitions are not necessary in any way. You may have heard of her, her name is Tara G to be exact, there are videos on this channel (Video Channel) about her and the things she has done in the past to her followers, to his fans and family. They told her, a few months ago, the Canada Walk of Fame, the same thing Judy said.

Judy has given permission to share this info with this video, so you know they give 1 or 2 stars a year. That there are people who died before Corey who didn't get their star today.

So it wouldn't matter if there was a petition with 3 million signatures on it, it just won't happen right now. This woman is doing these petitions in order to get attention. She has some Haim fan groups and a Lost Boys fan group that she leads on Facebook. no one can stop her from doing it unfortunately and she does it for attention and nothing more. She wants people in this group who think that's someone way more important than she is and that's disgusting because she's hurting the cause at this point.

A live read message that Judy asked her to read because she had to call Judy and let her know what she found out and she was pissed she's disgusted and she's really really pissed because this person was invited to leave her and her family alone, she knows that this person is only doing this to get attention.

Here is Judy's message that was posted on her facebook:

« She says she was informed that there was another petition that had been started for her son Corey Haim, a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame. A woman named Tara G who she asked in the past to stop petitioning and wasting people's time with lies. She has started another petition that is upsetting her and Corey's fans. Please do not sign or support these petitions as it only harms the cause. And that Corey's mother will start another petition herself when the time comes. Tara G has nothing to do or see in this affair, and must leave her, her family and her son. »

Judy just wants you to know that she has enough to deal with in everyday life, that she doesn't need people like that to cause more stress, because they're looking for attention, it is absolutely disgusting.

So please share this video to spread the word, luckily it only gained 50 signatures. Let people know that this is not something the Haim family supports or wants. And so people can know too, that they warned her (that Tara G), and even with that, she spoke directly to the people on the Walk of Fame, and luckily they told her that she didn't to talk to them.

Judy even told her : « Please stop what you're doing if you're really a Corey Haim fan, you're gonna stop doing stuff like that. »

So once again she's asking everyone to share this video and let as many people as possible know that you know, fans, real Corey Haim fans and those who support the family, pass the link on to them .

Canada Walk Of Fame

The Canadian Walk of Fame honor is given to Canadians who have excelled in one of our 5 pillars of success, and an inductee is also posthumously selected as our legend:

⦁ Culture & Leisure
⦁ Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy
⦁ Humanitarianism
⦁ Science, technology and innovation
⦁ Sports & Athletics
⦁ Legend

To date, there have been over 200 inductions into Canada's Walk of Fame over the past 20 years. Each year, an Executive Selection Committee (consisting of the Board of Directors and executives of Canada's Walk of Fame) selects inductees from a long list of deserving Canadians who meet the criteria. The Canadian public is encouraged to submit their recommendations via the form to the right, by email or by mail.

Canada's Walk of Fame receives hundreds of passionate nomination requests each year. All applications are reviewed to ensure that the specific details of the required criteria above are met. The information provided will be sought. Canada's Walk of Fame and its Executive Selection Committee will then meet to review and recommend selected nominees to the Board of Directors.

Canada's Walk of Fame announces its annual inductees over the summer months before the annual broadcast and dinner gala held at the end of the year.

Nomination and Selection Process

Canada's Walk of Fame Qualifications/Criteria :

Indicate under which pillar (pillars listed above) your application is submitted.

Explain why you should be considered for induction into Canada's Walk of Fame.

Written details must also support each of the criteria listed below.

Include any recognitions, such as awards, honors. To be considered, Canada's Walk of Fame has established the following criteria.


Applicants must :

⦁    Be either born in Canada or have spent their formative/creative years in        Canada;
⦁    Have a minimum of 10 years of experience in their field with an                      established body of work;
⦁    Have had an impact on our Canadian culture on a national or                          international basis

Embody many of the characteristics that are the very essence of Canadian identity


Socially responsible, diverse, peaceful, harmonious, creative, confident, innovative.

Who can submit names for review?

We encourage all Canadians to submit recommendations through our website, by email or by mail. All qualified recommendations are included in the list reviewed by our Executive Selection Committee. There is no need to resubmit - All qualified candidates will continue to appear on the nomination list each year to the Selection Committee.


How to name someone?


Submit your application via :


Hollywood Walk Of Fame


The nomination period for the Hollywood Walk of Fame Class of 2024 has ended. All nominations will be reviewed at the annual Walk of Fame committee meeting to be held in June.

The Walk of Fame includes six categories:

⦁ Movies
⦁ Television
⦁ Radio
⦁ Registration
⦁ Theatre/Live Performance
⦁ Sports entertainment

All applications must include these documents:

⦁ Photo of the candidate
⦁ Short biography of the candidate - no more than 750 characters
⦁ Qualifications of the candidate
⦁ List of contributions to the community and civic participation of the candidate
⦁ Letter of agreement from the candidate or his management


The committee will select approximately 24 to 30 names to be included in the March. The nomination of an individual or group must be approved by the Walk of Fame Selection Committee, sometimes requiring multiple biennial nominations before a nominee is selected to receive a star. The most skilled artists nominated are eligible for a star to be installed in the March over the following year. Those not selected for the current year are requested to resubmit for the next nomination period. If the sponsor is unwilling to make a second attempt, they must immediately notify the Hollywood Chamber for the application to be withdrawn.

The criteria for receiving a star are: 


career achievement, longevity in the category of five years or more, contributions to the community, and a guarantee that the celebrity will attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony if selected. Posthumous awards require a two-year waiting period after death.

After the Walk of Fame Selection Committee makes its selections, the Hollywood Chamber Board of Trustees also votes to approve the star, and then for final approval, the names are submitted to the board's Public Works Department. of the city of Los Angeles

All nominations must be approved by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, whose decisions are final and entirely at the discretion of the Chamber. Nomination and selection procedures, forms and qualifications are guidelines only, at the sole discretion of the Chamber, and may be changed at any time, without notice.

Can a deceased person be nominated?
Yes. A posthumous prize may be awarded each year.

Can a deceased person be nominated for a star immediately?
No. A posthumous appointment has a two-year waiting period.

Is the posthumous waiting period two years after the date of their death?
Yes. There is a two-year waiting period after death.

How often are stars elected?
The stars are elected once a year in June. On average, 24 to 30 stars are selected per year.


When does the committee meet?

The Committee meets once a year, in June.


How many applications are submitted each year?

The committee receives an average of two hundred applications per year.

* Important

Who can make the nomination?

Anyone, including a fan, can nominate a celebrity as long as the celebrity or their management agrees with the nomination. If there is no letter of agreement from the celebrity or their representative, the committee will not accept the application.

What is the cost of a Star Ceremony on the Walk of Fame?

$75,000 after selection. The money is used to pay for the creation and installation of the star, as well as the upkeep of the Walk of Fame. Price subject to change.

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