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Episodes 1 à 3


At 15, actors and close friends Corey Feldman and Corey Haim had it all: money, fame, girls and blockbuster movies. Today, 20 years later, Feldman is married to the love of his life, Susie, and his acting career is going strong. Haim and Feldman are invited as special guests to a 20th anniversary screening of "Coreys" debut film, "The Lost Boys." Haim sees it as a great opportunity to promote the "Coreys" and get back into the spotlight, but Feldman seems less interested in reliving the past. The screening is a huge success and inspires Haim to write a Lost Boys sequel, but the plan ends in heartbreak when Feldman informs him that a sequel is already in production without them. Haim's smoking habits bring Feldman back to the dark side and when Susie catches her husband smoking again, she declares it's time to break the habit. The boys try a variety of methods to quell their cravings for cigarettes.


The Two Coreys is an American reality television show that stars "The Two Coreys" and Feldman's wife, Susie. The series aired for two seasons on A&E. The first date was July 29, 2007. The second season began on June 22, 2008. The show was canceled during its second season, reportedly due to Feldman's refusal to work with Haim until he stop taking drugs. The final episode aired on August 17, 2008.

Episodes 4 à 6

It's Haim's birthday and turning 35 allows him to catch up on things he should have done a long time ago - like learning to do laundry and getting a driver's license. Feldman and Susie plan a huge surprise party with Haim's mom. Tired of being the third wheel, Haim asks his friends for help to solve his love crisis. He first tries speed dating, then places a personal ad online, but nothing seems to work. Eventually, he decides to reunite with his former girlfriend, Joanne. With Joanne in town, Haim is finally happy and the Feldmans finally have time for themselves. Feldman and Susie decide to take advantage of this and head to the mountains for a romantic getaway.

Episodes 7 à 9

After learning of Feldman's love of performing with his band, The Truth Movement, Haim decides to book the band at a local club as a surprise for Feldman. After eight weeks together, the simmering tension between Haim and Susie reaches a boiling point. After an argument over Haim's sloppy lifestyle, Haim threatens to leave, but decides to stay for a business meeting.

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