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January 3, 2018

‘I’ll protect my son’s legacy, not deal with your crazy needs’: Corey Haim’s mom hits back after Corey Feldman calls her out on Dr. Oz [EXCLUSIVE]

Corey Feldman’s “truth campaign” fundraiser to help create a pedophilia exposure film may have ended, but he made it clear on the Dr. Oz show on Tuesday that he is in no way giving up the fight to expose Hollywood pedophilia. Yet, he’s also focusing on another film: a new Lifetime movie about his life and the life of his friend, the late Corey Haim, which is not sitting well with Haim’s mother.

A Tale of Two Coreys, premiering Jan. 6 on Lifetime, is the story of the lives of two of Hollywood’s most famous teen actors in the 1980s, Feldman and Haim. It’s a movie that Feldman, the executive producer of the film, wholly supports. Yet, since the film deals the alleged sexual abuse of the late Corey Haim, who died on March 10, 2010, of pneumonia, his mother, Judy Haim, has issues with the project.

She has also taken issue to Feldman’s recent accusations against her while he appeared on Dr. Oz. For instance, while speaking to Oz, Feldman claimed that Judy Haim was in “a lot of denial” and that “she’s not okay with anything that identifies the truth” when it comes to the alleged sexual abuse of her son. CrimeOnline spoke with Judy Haim, who said that not only is she not in denial, but she is perfectly OK with the truth, as long as Feldman’s claims are factually true.

“I don’t identify with his [Feldman’s] truth. I don’t need to knock heads with him. I don’t agree with him bringing my son’s name up. It’s none of his business. Learn how to tell your own truth and leave my son out of it. You have no jurisdiction over his life. I’ll protect my son’s legacy, not deal with your crazy needs.”

Judy, who moved to Hollywood with her son in 1986, said that Feldman and Haim were not as close as The Goonies actor claims. She said there were numerous times when Feldman was not around, including when her son filmed the 1986 movie, Lucas. In the trailer of the new Lifetime movie, the actor who plays Haim is seen walking into a trailer with an older male. The scene depicts something similar to what Feldman wrote in his book,”Coreygraphy,” when referring to Haim’s reported abuse while filming Lucas.

However, it’s not something that actually happened, according to Judy Haim, who was with her son each and every day on the set.

Mom Judy Haim says her son, Corey Haim was never taken into a trailer on the set of Lucas.

“The [Tale of Two Coreys] trailer is not OK. The story is not OK; it’s not the same story. No one went into a trailer after my son. No one saw it, no one saw Charlie [Sheen] going into my son’s trailer on the set. Ask anyone that was there on the set. No one at all will back up Feldman’s story. I was there all the time. How about I tell YOUR life story, Corey Feldman?”

Feldman told Oz that Judy Haim wanted nothing to do with the Lifetime movie, which apparently, is true. However, Judy said it’s not for the reasons Feldman said. She said she isn’t in denial, she isn’t running from the truth, and that she wants her son’s real story out there, not Feldman’s version of events.

“I emailed the casting agents [of the Lifetime film] as soon as I saw the breakdown that my son’s ex manager emailed to me,” Judy explained. “I reached out to the casting agents; they were surprised that I knew nothing about this production and told me they would forward my email to the producers. I received a call from one of the executive producers, telling me that I’m talking to third party. I said, “What do you mean, who am I talking to?’ He said, ‘The casting, the union…you know, the producer will get upset. But, on the other hand if you want to be a consultant in the movie, we can pay you $2,500.'

“I received an email a few days later from yet another executive producer, pretty much saying the same as the first guy, but telling me that I Intentionally tried to interfere. Are they nuts? Am I not allowed to try and find out who in the world is making a movie about me and my family without giving me heads up, and trying to be sneaky and do it behind my back? Was I supposed to be OK with some actors portraying each one of my family members and not try to find out who’s behind it?”

“And then they had the audacity, in the same email, to offer me a job as a consultant with a bit of pay. I responded with a 12-page email saying that there is no way they can portray my son in a good light, as he claimed in his email. I would never ever get involved or get close to anything Feldman is involved in because his mission is to ruin my son’s image. He has no business talking about my kid no matter what, I would never be anywhere near him, Not for all the money in the world.”

Judy also touched on accusations of her being a “bad parent” and hiding herself from the truth.

“I’m not hiding! I’ve been fighting for eight years since my son passed away….Who keeps giving him [Feldman] a platform? It’s a bunch of horses****. Did he ever live with us or was he around enough to have the nerve to say, ‘she’s a bad mother, we offered her money and she didn’t want to be involved?'”

“Tell the truth!!!! Feldman, how about you tell the truth about your own life because everything you’re spreading out there about my kid is an out and out lie and you know it. I’m pretty much sick of you and you putting your own life onto my kid. It’s your life not my kid’s life.”

Why would Feldman make such harsh accusations up if they aren’t true? Judy Haim said it’s all about revenge in Feldman’s eyes.

According to Judy, Feldman dragged her son’s name into his book as “payback” after Haim shocked Feldman on national television, and announced he was molested by Feldman’s good friend.

“My son shocked him on TV. He [Feldman] was friends with the pedophile. Still friends. Feldman told me himself it was ‘payback time’ after my son exposed to the world that he [Feldman] was friends with a pedophile, Dominick Brascia.”

Judy Haim doesn’t deny that her son was molested, but she said that it was one person and one person only. She said the film makes it seems otherwise—and for that, she can’t support or stand by The Tale of Two Coreys.

Meanwhile, Judy shared two letters (see below) with CrimeOnline, written by Corey Haim in the mid 1990s, which showed the actor’s gentle, caring side. It’s something Judy hopes the media will focus more on.

“Thank you for being my mom!!! Thank you for letting me be your son!!! I really consider myself the most grateful son in the world! And I realized I don’t tell you that enough. Be happy, be safe, and know that your boy really is grateful and blessed by having you for my mother. I love you!”

“Have a beautiful day, Mom! Please give me a kiss before you leave for work!! And a hug!!! My Dearest Mom!!! My PureHeart Angel!!! I want to let you know just how much you mean to me!! You are my bestest buddy and my priceless angels. I couldn’t love anything more!! The time that I spend with you makes me the luckiest son in the world!!! I’m so damn honored that you are my pal, friend, soulmate, and best friend. There is a loss for words!”

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